Friday, September 10, 2010

iTunes 10 Breaks Outlook, Apple's response, disconnect syncing between Outlook & your iPhone

As of yesterday pm Apple FINALLY admitted that there is an issue with iTunes 10  & Outlook. People have been reporting since its release that 10 is interfering  with Outlook, mostly 2000 but there are reports for all versions. It seems that  the outlookchangenotifier.dll, required for iTunes to sync an iPhone/iPad/iPod  to Outlook, is preventing Outlook from functioning. Apple has just posted an  official work around which is to delete/rename the dll so it stops interfering  with Outlook. The downside? You can no longer sync your iPhone/iPod with  Outlook. Way to go Apple! Let's break something & then fix it by breaking  something else just as important.  Reference Apple support doc. TS3500

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