Friday, November 27, 2009

Comparison of Dell Zino HD vs Apple MacMini as a Media Center Computer

Here's a chart to explain why I finally decided on a Dell Zino over a MacMini. I know it's a bit hard to read from the main page but if you click on the chart a larger, clearer version will appear.

Since this is to primarily surf the web and manage media on my home networks I didn't add productivity software.

After all was said and done I just came to the conclusion that $350+ in additional costs wasn't justified for the proposed use of the computer


Charlie said...

Just pray that Windows 7 is much better than Vista.

Lil, AKA Dr. Mom said...

I've used both and, IMHO at least, Win 7 is equivalent with Snow Leopard as far as ease of use and has a wider range of compatible hardware and software.
That being said I certainly can respect those who feel that Snow Leopard is a much superior OS.