Sunday, March 21, 2010

Recipe from the TWiT Army Mess Hall - Chopped Chicken Liver

Here's a classic, old country style chopped liver. For the best flavor, save the chicken fat for the entire year & then render it yourself.

Old Country Chopped Liver

Gehockte Leber

This forspeis is so simple and straightforward that ...

See Old Country Chopped Liver on Key Ingredient.


D.J. said...

This sounds wonderful ... I'll definitely have to try it. Please tell me that you'll be posting your chicken broth recipe. :)

Gary Boncella said...

Dr Mom, Heard you on Munchcast yesterday. Made this Catholic's mouth water!! Great sounding recipes. Hope to try one or two.

Lil, AKA Dr. Mom said...

D.J. That will be out this weekend, after I get my own simmering.

Gary, Thanks. Enjoy your Easter holiday.

Bleu said...

I can't wait to try the broth recipe! I really enjoyed the show -- thanks!

Sean Mallion said...

Chopped chicken liver is a lost art in my neighborhood. Even amongst my Jewish friends it's hard to come by. I'll have to try this one for myself.

I'm a first time poster and a proud member of the TWiT Army. :D