Friday, December 26, 2008

Report from the Twit Army Mess Hall - Corned Beef with Horseradish, Mustard Glaze


3 - 4 lb piece of corned beef brisket (try to get the leanest piece possible)
1.5 tbl Pickling spices, depending on the brand of corned beef you buy this may be included with the beef.
1 medium onion cut 1/2 way through in to quarters
6 cloves of garlic, whole
1 bay leaf

1/2 c. dark corn syrup
1.5 tbl. white horseradish (hot or regular, your choice)
1.5 tbl dark mustard, smooth (i.e. not with whole mustard seeds)

Rinse the beef thoroughly to remove as much salt as possible. Place in a heavy kettle large enough to hold the beef and all the spices completely covered with water but don't put the spices in just yet. Cover the beef with cold water and bring to a boil skimming off all the scum as it forms. After the scum stop forming, remove the beef from the pot, again rinse it carefully and then dump the water in the pot and refill it with fresh cold water. Return the beef to the pot along with the spices, onion, garlic and bay leaf. Bring the water to a boil, lower the heat and simmer until the beef is fork tender, about 3 - 4 hours. Remove the beef from the pot and, while it is still hot, remove as much surface fat as possible by scraping across the surface with a flat wooden paddle or the back side of a knife (don't use the sharp side or you'll shred the meat, you must do this while the meat is hot since the fat is soft at this point and will come off easily). Place the meat in a foil serving tray or wrap in foil and refrigerate until cold, at least 3 hours but overnight is better (DO NOT omit this step, if you do, the beef will still be very soft and the glazing won't work properly).

Mix the horseradish and mustard into the corn syrup and heat until boiling. Reduce the heat and simmer for 10 minutes stirring constantly. Remove from heat and set aside to cool (don't put this into the refrigerator or it will turn into horseradish candy).

Put the beef on a cookie sheet or similar oven safe tray lined with foil (this makes the clean up easier, I use the foil I wrapped the beef in while it was chilling). Heat the broiler. Brush the glaze onto the top and sides of the beef and place under the broiler until it begins to brown. Depending on the distance from the heat this will take somewhere between 5 to 10 minutes. Watch it carefully since the glaze will go from browned to burned very rapidly.

This can be served immediately or saved for later.

Notes: You can easily increase this recipe, I will normally make 4 beefs at a time using a canning kettle. You only need to increase the glaze by about 1/2 for each extra beef since the recipe makes plenty and you can't make less than 1/2 cup. So for 2 beefs use 3/4 c. of syrup, 3 beefs use 1 c of syrup, etc. Take my word for it you'll have more than enough. It's just a shame the glaze won't keep.

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